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Introducing the ICG Centres of Excellence


The world of indoor cycling is changing and we’re here to guide our community of riders and enthusiasts to the greatest possible experiences, whether that be at an operational venue, a fitness event, an education or training. At ICG® we want you to be a part of what is out there, so where can you see it?

Over the last year ICG® have worked closely with hand-picked operational partners in the UK to develop a network of CoE’s. The Centre of Excellence programme is an exclusive partnership to only a limited number of UK sites. Each site has a full schedule of ICG® programmes including Classic, Coach By Color®, Myride®+, and ICG® Connect as well as a full virtual offering utilising the best of Myride® VX Studio Coach and Tour Coach.

The CoE managers are keen to make a difference to the community by offering choice to their customers and opportunity to the community at large. The ICG® Club Ride is an open event that everybody can attend, and further Open-access educations are hosted by the Centre of Excellence allowing local instructors to upgrade their skill sets through ICG® educations. Whether it’s an indoor cycling certification, Power Training, or product-specific training day, the CoE will host them all. Their commitment to developing their own offering through continuous professional development of their instructor staff happens every quarter under the guidance of an ICG® Master Trainer.

The Centre of Excellence programme is now in Scotland, Wales and England, and with a projected 12 fully-operational ICG® partners being awarded CoE status by the end of 2018, what does it take to be a CoE? Lets take a look at One Leisure St Ives to see what they have.

One Leisure Indoor Centre St Ives is one of 5 sites operated by One Leisure in Cambridgeshire. The indoor cycling offering at One Leisure, Cyclone, is a brand in its own right and boasts almost 20 classes per week with an additional 10 virtual classes. Customers also frequently attend throughout quieter times using the “on-command” features of the virtual workouts, helping to maximise use of the space. The 25 top-of-the-range IC7 indoor cycles are complimented by a full suite of digital experiences including ICG® Connect and Myride® VX and every bike is frequently filled with waiting lists for certain classes.

ICG® are proud to partner One Leisure and the Cyclone brand and are keen to constantly improve the indoor cycling offering. Training the team to go from strength-to-strength by giving them the tools to not only engage their current members but also attract new users to the space by reaching out into the wider fitness, and specifically cycling, community by offering cycling-focussed, outcome-based periodized workouts delivered by excellently trained staff.

One advantage that the team at One Leisure St Ives do have is a resident Team ICG® Master Trainer in Ollie Ritch. Ollie has worked with ICG® as a Master Trainer since 2017 and is a keen fitness enthusiast who enjoys running and cycling. Ollie has competed in Ironman and is a very strong and powerful cyclist. He brings his full knowledge of power coaching and competition to bear with a beautiful mixture of challenging profiles supported by uplifting trance tunes. If you live in the Huntingdonshire area and you haven’t ridden with him yet, then you should definitely make that a priority if you enjoy the best that indoor cycling has to offer.

So, not all indoor cycles are crated equally and not all fitness centres are either. If you, like us, love riding that bike to nowhere, then perhaps you can look out for a centre that offers just that little bit more. The world of indoor cycling is vast today and hosts a beautiful blend of digital, classical, competitive, musical and visual spectacles to engage and encourage almost anyone to ride their best ride. It’s time to ask for more. It’s time for excellence.

Look out for our CoE series of blogs introducing some of our UK operational partners and their amazing facilities.

Team ICG
ICG Centre of Excellence


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