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Not all experiences are created equally


On May 27th, 2015 something happened in my life that I’m sure all of you can relate to. A band that had been a favourite of mine for some years were touring in the UK and I got to go and see them. The Foo Fighters played at Old Trafford cricket ground in Manchester and I was there. That’s right, I get to say that I was there! It was, despite the rain trying to spoil the party, one of the greatest gigs I’ve ever attended. The sound was so awesome it made my lungs vibrate and the atmosphere of excitement in the crowd was amazing. Every single person was hyped up for being there. As the darkness fell, the lightshow began, and you could feel the energy in the air. It was a fantastic gig to be at and if you ever get a chance I’d say go see ‘em!

The truth is that I’d had the Foos on heavy rotation so much that even both of my children really liked them. My oldest desperately wanted to come with my wife and I but we decided that, at that age, he might’ve been a little too young for a concert of that size. He was really (and I mean really) disappointed and the thing that amazes me about that is that, despite only being 7 (and never having been to a gig) he inherently understood that there would be a huge difference between listening to his favourite band in the car or on his iPod, as opposed to seeing them live at a concert. And there it; whilst the listening content is the same (same songs, same words), the context and the experience is vastly difference. Giving content a new context can build an unforgettable experience and not all experiences are created equally.

There are those experiences in life that you remember and always will. In September 2009 I attended my first ever Evolution Ride in Amberg, Germany and as soon as the lights dropped, and the intro movie began I was hooked. An awesome laser show floated in the air above an empty stage as the music built and then, from the back of the room, the Master Trainer team ran towards the stage. The crowd cheered and clapped, and the show had begun. For the next 8 hours I sat transfixed by the greatest festival of indoor cycling I had ever seen.

On January 19th, 2019 Team ICG® UK will host their inaugural Evolution Ride event at the Burgess Hall in St Ives, Cambridgeshire and you’ll definitely want to say, “I was there!”. So, what is it and why should you come along? Afterall, you can go to an indoor cycling class at the gym, right? Let me give you some reasons based on my experiences with these events on a global scale over the years. I’ve attended multiple mass-participation indoor cycling events over the last decade and they are very different from a “normal” class. So, what can you expect?

Every aspect of every session has been carefully planned by the Team ICG® Master Trainer so that the music you hear, the visuals you see, the ride you feel and the coaching and motivation you receive are interwoven to create a sensory-consuming indoor cycling experience that you’ll always remember.

There will be 8 sessions on the day and each will be uniquely crafted by a Team ICG® Master Trainer into an unforgettable experience. From ‘The Ascent’ using ICG’s Myride®+ live coaching programme, allowing you to see the road in front of you with real-life Forward Motion Video projected onto a 25-foot screen, to ‘HULK’, an aggressive, energetic, persona-shifting tempo ride with a comic-book-inspired final battle using ICG’s Coach By Color® Power training system, each ride will be a multi-sensory experience. Live music acts will reach into your soul and dancers will perform amongst you whilst you ride. One-of-a-kind visuals will engage your eye and amaze you whilst dynamic lighting effects will create atmosphere and suspense. The sound will run through you and permeate your being and you’ll feel every track inside you as it’s intended. It’ll be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Yes, you can go to a class at your local club but what we’re doing is so different to that. Heck, you could only ever listen to your favourite band in the car or at home, but you know if you went to see them live that it’d be a SHOW!! If you wonder what Evolution Ride 2019 will be, there is your answer. A show. An unforgettable experience. The best indoor cycling class you’ve ever been to. A future memory. The first of many (because believe me you’ll be back).

If you love group exercise as much as we do, and you can’t wait to be a part of this then get yourself a ticket. If you know somebody who loves indoor cycling (and you love them nearly as much) then get them a ticket as a gift (I hear Christmas is on its way). But whatever you do, do it quickly because tickets are selling fast, and I know you wouldn’t want to miss out on saying “I was there!”.

Evolution Ride 2019 – Like nothing you’ve ever ridden before. Be a part of it.

Evolution Ride UK 2019
Evolution Ride UK
Not all experiences are equal
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