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You’re going to Fitness Fiesta and you’re definitely doing an ICG® Indoor Cycling Experience, but what does that mean and are you ready for it? Here’s our little guide on how best to prepare for the best indoor cycling experience.

What kit will you need?

Comfort – Let’s put it out there first thing! If you’re fairly new to indoor cycling then your bum will definitely be a little happier with some cushioning between itself and the saddle! The bikes we use for Fitness Fiesta are brand new and so the saddles haven’t yet softened with age. Bringing along a gel saddle cover which can be easily fitted to the bike during set up, or even wearing some (very sexy) cycling shorts with a padded insert, will definitely make your ride more comfortable.

Drinks – It’s likely we’ll do a little sweating, perspiring or glowing (whichever is your thing) and so fluid replacement is essential. Don’t forget your sports bottle.

Hygiene – Over the course of the weekend we’ll have nearly 400 riders enjoy an ICG® Experience and everyone is likely to get a little warm. Bringing a little sports towel to help dab yourself down will help to keep the bikes a little cleaner. We clean the bikes between every class but you can really help out here by wiping yourself down during the workout AND your bike afterwards. Thanks!

Energy – Your whole day is going to be fairly energetic and your cycle class will be no different. Make sure you’re not running on empty for your ICG® Experience. You’ll enjoy it a lot more if you’ve eaten a little something so you can poor out your energy when needed for those big efforts.

What session is right for you?

We personally think that indoor cycling has something for everybody so all of the ICG® sessions are very different from a traditional Spinning ™ class. Sure we do classic style with just music, but we run 4 programmes over the weekend, so what are they and how are they different?

ICG® Classic – Our classic classes are a traditional indoor cycling experience. Great music and cycling movement are the backbone of the class along with great lighting and (of course) fantastic coaching from the Team ICG® Master Trainer team.

Myride®+ - This is our video driven class where we use real-life forward motion video (FMV) from hundreds of global locations to transport our riders to some of the most scenic and challenging routes on the planet. You’ll be immersed so deeply in the ride and the location that you’ll forget the hard work you’re doing. Where do you wanna go today? California? Italy? The French Alps? Japan? Who knows? We know you’ll love every second though.

Coach By Color® - Our unique method for coaching intensity is Coach By Color®. Every rider uses a benchmark (Functional Threshold Power – FTP) personal to them to build a colour-coded zonal system that can be easily communicated by the Master Trainer to the whole team. Knowing that you’re not going too hard or too easy during the workout is really simple and so getting the perfect workout has never been easier. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned cyclist, this system will help you to get the best from every class you ever do. Power training made easy!

ICG® Connect – Our connected solution gives the opportunity for riders to come together and work. Different training modes can see riders perform as a team to a common goal, compete as 2 teams in a variety of battles, or be rewarded for individual achievements via the leaderboard. A truly engaging and unique experience awaits you if you’ve never connected before. The digital age is here, right now. Come get involved!

What about pre-event prep?

If you’d really like to get the best from the Coach By Color® or ICG® Connect sessions, understanding your FTP is very beneficial. If you can access an operator with ICG® bikes before the event, then see if you can perform the ramp test on the bikes to find out FTP. Alternatively, if you’d like to get to know it at the event then look out for our session called ‘Check Yourself’. It’s a beautiful class in which you can better understand FTP and by the end of it you might even have an FTP to work with for the weekend.

If you’d like to record any of your Power Training workouts (for bragging rights with friends) then feel free to download the ICG® Training App available on IOS and Android and our Master Trainers will show you how to use it at the event.

‘Check Yourself’ will be available at…

  • Camber Sands - Friday - 18.15 - 19.15 - with ICG® Master Trainer Doyle Armstrong and Saturday 09.15 - 10.15 - with ICG® Master Trainer Stacey Waite

At ICG® we don’t think that one size fits all and so our sessions are varied and our Master Trainers all have their own unique style. Come and give us a try. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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