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Anytime Fitness Peterborough expands equipment offering to enhance member training experience

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The franchise has introduced Life Fitness’ SPARC and Indoor Cycling Group’s IC8 to encourage new training methods in line with high intensity interval training (HIIT) trend 

Tuesday 24 July, 2018 – Anytime Fitness Peterborough has become the first UK club in the network to introduce Life Fitness’ self-powered resisted cardio machine SPARC and Indoor Cycling Group’s IC8 power trainer, as part of the gym’s strategy to refresh the way its members train and think about exercise.

With 4000+ 24-hour gyms worldwide and more than 140 locations in the UK, Anytime Fitness has been a global partner of Life Fitness since opening its first gym in 2002, and continues to evolve its wide-ranging equipment offering based on industry trends and user demands to enhance the member experience.

At Anytime Fitness Peterborough, the new equipment was chosen to promote different training methods in line with one of the industry’s biggest trends, as General Manager Tom Fletcher explains: “High intensity interval training remains hugely popular, but often our members default to the same equipment or workouts and aren’t getting the results they want or once were seeing.

“There’s also still a perception amongst some of our members that you have to spend hours in the gym to burn fat, but training has changed, and we’ve put a lot of emphasis on better educating our members on the benefits of HIIT and varying the equipment and exercises within workouts, and we’re really excited about having the SPARC and IC8 to boost our offering.”

Based on a patented arc motion of movement proven to reduce strain on users’ joints, SPARC is a self-powered resisted cardio machine that supports training for fat loss, muscle gain and improved strength and power. With intuitive settings and design, SPARC is simple to use and adjust and is popular with small group training and classes as well as individual workouts.

“The SPARC is such a dynamic and versatile piece of equipment,” said Tom. “It’s a great training tool for everyone, from regular gym goers to even those recovering from injury or with bad joints. Because of its biomechanical design, users can work harder and see positive results with minimal stress placed on the body.”

Since arriving at the gym, the SPARC has even had an impact on the club’s member retention and acquisition strategies: “We’ve been encouraging users to incorporate the SPARC into small group training workouts through our boot camps and quick classes, proving that cardio doesn’t have to be something to do on your own, and members have really enjoyed it. It’s also a popular talking point with prospective members during in-club tours and it’s been a great selling point for the gym.” 

The arrival of ICG®’s high-performance indoor cycle IC8 has also expanded the club’s virtual class offering through Myride® VX Personal, with members able to take part in immersive, video-based instructor-led workouts via the bike’s own screen.

“The IC8 is an excellent piece of equipment and Myride is exceptional,” says Tom. “The virtual trainer coaches you in such detail; from foot placement to workout intensity. The performance-level output of data, combined with the scenery and footage users can enjoy through Myride, makes for a really exciting rider experience, and it’s been fantastic to see such a variety of members using the IC8.”

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