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Heathrow Fire and Rescue Service chooses Life Fitness to maintain firefighter fitness

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February 29, 2016 - Life Fitness has installed a suite of premium cardio equipment for Heathrow Fire & Rescue to help firefighters maintain national fitness standards for the UK Fire Service and support workplace well-being for non-operational staff with the latest InMovement workstations. 

The contract, worth an investment of £30,000, was awarded to Life Fitness after a three way tender process.  The installation, which was completed this month, sees the introduction of the Elevation Series Discover™ SE Treadmill, Integrity Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer, Integrity Series PowerMill Climber, Lifecycle GX™ Group Exercise Bike and Row GX™ Trainer.

The airport’s two fire stations, which cover both runways as well as buildings and infrastructure at Heathrow, now offer state-of-the-art gym facilities for the 110 staff in the Airport Fire Service so personnel split across four watches can work out around 24/7 operations.  

The addition of Life Fitness cardio equipment forms part of a drive to ensure personnel meet the required national fitness standards.  This has been established following recommendations by the FireFit Steering Group to ensure the health, safety and welfare of potential and existing employees.

Paul Watson, Watch Manager for Heathrow Fire & Rescue Service, explains: “We assess all operational personnel every 12 months, either through the Chester Step Test, Multi-Shuttle Bleep Test or the Chester Treadmill Test, so maintaining fitness standards is paramount.  The introduction of new technology featured on our premium Life Fitness equipment ensures there is fantastic variety of workouts to keep our staff continually motivated in the gym.”

He added: “We were really impressed by the level of professionalism demonstrated by Life Fitness and their forward-thinking approach to technology best suited our needs and requirements at Heathrow.”

Heathrow Fire & Rescue Service is among one of the first organisations in the UK to introduce InMovement products to their workplace.  InMovement, part of Brunswick’s Life Fitness division, is helping re-engineer their space by addressing workplace inactivity and combatting the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.  The introduction of the Elevate DeskTop™ DT2 sit-to-stand desk will be used by both firefighters and non-operational staff to support light movement throughout the day.   

Sam Barlow, Vertical Account Manager at Life Fitness, said: “Our new InMovement products are helping transform how we approach wellness at work today.  The innovative Elevate DeskTop DT2 workstation incorporates subtle movement into workplace habits and helps educate staff that standing while working in meetings or doing emails, is a great opportunity to remain active and healthy.”

He continues: “Our partnership with Heathrow Fire Service has demonstrated that we are more than just an equipment provider.  As well as encouraging healthier daily work habits, we are involving the brigade over the coming months in our research with Surrey University on firefighter fitness.”

“The fitness solution provided adds a whole new dimension to workouts for Heathrow firefighters.  Using powerful technology tools that interact with Life Fitness equipment, gym users will be empowered to take control of their workouts and achieve their best possible fitness results."

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