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Life Fitness Unveils Customizable Cardio With New Discover Tablet Consoles, Open Platform Products

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October 10, 2012

SCHILLER PARK, Ill., October 10, 2012 – Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment manufacturing, introduces the next generation of the Elevation™ Series Treadmills, Cross-Trainers and Lifecyle™ Exercise Bikes with new Discover™ Tablet Consoles that deliver the personalized technology today’s plugged-in exercisers demand. The new Discover SE and Discover SI Tablet Consoles are the first to sync with the Android operating system, in addition to Apple’s iOS platform, and feature an ultra-responsive touch screen with Swipe™ Technology for superior navigation.

Discover cardio products integrate with the company’s new LFconnect™ technology, a cloud-based solution that allows facility owners and managers to customize available content to exercisers and enables free asset management. LFconnect also gives exercisers the log-in capabilities, personalization options, and workout recommendations, plus tracking made popular by the original Life Fitness Virtual Trainer website. With LFconnect, exercisers will be able to access personal online content and navigate the web directly from the equipment as well as create their own workout programs and set content preferences.

“Our research shows more than 95 percent of exercisers desire access to online content on equipment,” said Dan Wille, vice president of global marketing and product development for Life Fitness. “This new line of Discover open platform products gives exercisers unprecedented access to not just online content like YouTube and Facebook, but the latest fitness applications and custom entertainment. “

New Elevation Series open platform products include:

  • Discover SE Treadmill (19” LCD touch screen)
  • Discover SE Cross-Trainers and Bikes (16” LCD touch screen)
  • Discover SI Treadmill, Cross-Trainers and Bikes (10” LCD touch screen)

Key features include:

  • LFopen™ platform products: open API (Application Programming Interface), making Life Fitness the first fitness equipment-maker to open its product platform and allow developer access.
  • Apple and Android Compatibility: first exercise equipment to sync with the Android operating system and will continue to link with Apple devices, including the iPad. Exercisers will have access to their personal library of music, videos, apps and books. The equipment has charging capabilities.  
  • Surface Capacitive Touch Screen with Swipe Technology: functions much like other personal electronic devices such as tablets, with hyper-sensitive response, making it easier to navigate between high-definition screens
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi Compatibility: allowing for a reliable and consistent connection to online content that provides integration to asset management tools and remote software upgrades for facilities
  • Interactive Lifescape™ Courses: six exclusive, high-definition hikes, runs and bikes through famous locations around the world with integrated machine controls that adjust video speed to that of the exerciser, and resistance to match the terrain.
  • On-Demand Content (Music Videos, TV Shows): access a wide selection of music videos and TV programming on equipment.

Learn more about Discover Tablet Consoles.  

About Life Fitness

Life Fitness is the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, as well as game tables and furnishings. The company manufactures and sells its well-known strength and cardiovascular equipment under its Life Fitness and Hammer Strength brands. It also offers billiards tables, accessories and game room furniture under the iconic Brunswick Billiards brand. Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Brunswick Billiards equipment is distributed to more than 120 countries. Headquartered outside Chicago, in Rosemont, Ill., the company is a division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC).



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