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New Life Fitness Report Links Technology to Workout Success

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September 26, 2012

SCHILLER PARK, Ill., September 26, 2012 - Life Fitness, global leader in commercial fitness equipment manufacturing, today released its 2012 Fitness and Technology Survey, which found nearly three-quarters of regular exercisers use some type of technology device during their workouts. More than half of respondents consider themselves more successful at achieving their weight and fitness goals because of technology. The new survey evaluated the habits of exercisers from seven countries who own smartphones or tablets and exercise at least twice a week.

“Technology is integrated into so many aspects of our lives today, but this report is the first time we’ve been able to show just how plugged in exercisers are today and what access they’d like to have tomorrow,” said Chris Clawson, president, Life Fitness. “This is vital intelligence for fitness facilities around the world to help them understand what tech tools motivate their members to continue exercising, as well as retain their memberships.”

A sampling of results is listed below. 

Exercisers already plugged in

  • 72 percent of exercisers use some type of technology device during their workout program and more than half consider themselves more successful at achieving their weight and fitness goals because of it
  • 62 percent of consumers use some type of electronic content outside of the gym to support their workout program such as websites, apps or social media that offer advice or track progress

Tuned in and toning up

  • 33 percent of respondents said they would be willing to switch gyms to obtain one or more technology tools if the prices and location were similar
  • 96 percent of respondents said they found access to online content on equipment to be desirable with 75 percent expressing they’d like to access music and music videos to be the content they’d like to access most

Keeping pace with young, tech-savvy exercisers

  • Three-quarters of respondents age 30 and below said access to personal content would encourage them to workout more
  • 72 percent of young exercisers said they currently use websites, apps and/or social media to support their workouts

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About Life Fitness

Life Fitness is the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, as well as game tables and furnishings. The company manufactures and sells its well-known strength and cardiovascular equipment under its Life Fitness and Hammer Strength brands. It also offers billiards tables, accessories and game room furniture under the iconic Brunswick Billiards brand. Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Brunswick Billiards equipment is distributed to more than 120 countries. Headquartered outside Chicago, in Rosemont, Ill., the company is a division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC).



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