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Surrey Sports Park creates the ultimate indoor cycling experience in partnership with ICG

Surrey Sports Park introduced new ICG® bikes and programming to enhance its existing indoor cycling offering and meet the wide-ranging demands of its student and public membership

Monday 3rd December, 2018 – Students, members and elite teams based at the University of Surrey-owned facility are now able to take their indoor cycling training to the next level, courtesy of new IC7 bikes and challenging programming implemented by Indoor Cycling Group® (ICG®). 

Surrey Sports Park, one of Europe’s premier sport, health and fitness facilities, made the decision to enhance its existing indoor cycling offering by broadening the range of classes on offer to ensure there is something to suit everyone; the aim of which is to encourage better engagement from all members, whilst also attracting new members to the sports park. 

Central to choosing ICG® was the programming, including the Coach by Color® system, which assigns five coloured training zones to each user based on power or heart rate to accurately coach exercisers’ efforts for the best customised results. It accommodates the interests and abilities of a varied membership allowing for gym newcomers to elite athletes to participate in a high intensity group class to maximise their workout. 

Members can also train using Myride® VX, ICG®’s immersive virtual offering with coach-led workouts enhanced by music and terrain-focused footage, and ICG® Connect, where participants can ride for, with and against each other to meet the group target, win team battles and achieve personal bests creating a competitive edge. 

“The challenge for us is in supporting a predominantly younger, student membership whilst also satisfying the interests of our other members and the elite teams that train here - ICG®’s programming and overall experience has allowed us to do that,” explains Alice Wearn, Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Coordinator at Surrey Sports Park.

“We decided to refresh our offering because feedback from many members was that they were no longer finding it varied or challenging enough and now, thanks to programmes like Coach by Color®, they have re-discovered their love for indoor cycling.” 

Since launching the new ICG® programming in October, the facility has seen class numbers significantly rise, with improved attendance from both experienced users as well as those new to indoor cycling: “Feedback so far has been really positive,” confirms Alice. 

“Many members are commenting on the quality of the bikes and the variety of the programmes, and the peer-to-peer recommendation is something that we’ve been really pleased with.”

In order to introduce the new ICG® programming effectively, Surrey Sports Park implemented a six-month, step-by-step activation plan. 

“Adopting a phased approach to introducing the new training programmes not only helps to build excitement and anticipation amongst members, but it also ensures the gym staff are able to familiarise themselves with each product in detail and build their knowledge and understanding to better engage the gym members,” explains Doyle Armstrong, Core ICG® Business Manager.

“Surrey Sports Park is a great example of a site that followed this plan and has successfully experienced the benefits of doing so, with class attendances and member interest significantly up on where they were prior to implementing ICG®.”

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