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The Rise of the ICG Centre of Excellence - Withdean Sports Complex


The second in our series of articles about the ICG® “Centre of Excellence” programme focusses on our most southern CoE, Freedom Leisure’s Withdean Sports Complex in Brighton. At just over a year since the team at Withdean took delivery of their IC7 indoor cycles and upgraded Myride® VX system with ICG® Connect, we thought we’d tell all of you about the success that they’ve had integrating a full suite of new programmes.

Withdean Sports complex is a huge facility and a focal point in the health and fitness community in Brighton so, when it came time to upgrade their indoor cycles, it made sense for them to consider the IC7 as the premium indoor cycle on the market. Prior to November 2017, the team at Withdean had a studio with “traditional” indoor cycles and marketed their studio on the strength of the visual experience available, using the Myride® VX system. Having a carefully considered studio in terms of design and the ability to display visual output, it was important to the team there to continue to maximise that ability whilst also giving the members more than they’ve ever had. The addition of bikes allowing for Power training and a system for competitive interaction meant that the team could widen their offering and their appeal to the wildly competitive fitness market in Brighton.

Life Fitness delivered the IC7 bikes to Withdean Sports Complex in November 2017 and the integration of all ICG® programmes was carefully directed by Withdean’s general manager, Ross Philipson. As an ICG® Master Trainer, Ross fully understood the value of the programmes and wanted to ensure that the members got the full benefit of each unique ICG® experience.

Initially the team launched with their existing Myride®+ Live coaching programme and simply used the bikes as bikes. They added a solid FTP testing process in their integration and decided to launch the Coach By Color® Power training programme in late January 2018. One month later they launched the ICG® programme onto the timetable and the studio transformation was complete. The team didn’t rush to integrate the programmes, knowing that both their coaching staff and their customers would need time to clearly identify and understand each unique ICG® experience. Huge emphasis was given to ensuring that the coaching team were fully educated on how to plan and deliver each experience and that their professional development was given the space and time to grow along with the ambition of the studio.

Fast forward one year and now the studio hosts 63 classes per week. It hosts a full virtual class schedule of 37 classes and delivers 26 instructor-led classes per week offering 520 spaces over 3 ICG® programmes (14 Coach By Color®, 10 Myride®+, 2 ICG® Connect) ensuring that their customers get access to the classes that they want. 

In addition to this Withdean have just created a totally new membership type, Withdean Ride, which gives its members’ full access to the cycle studio at all times without the fuss of anything else at site. Despite only soft launching a matter of weeks ago, this membership already boasts 20 members.

Given the quality of the facility it is keenly hired by a real mix of clients including Brighton College, who have 2 coached sessions per week, Sussex County Cricket Club, who’s players use the facility to train in the off-season, Brighton Triathlon Club, and most recently Brighton Mitres Cycle club, who both use the facility to translate indoor power training to real road speed and race wins come the Spring. 

Withdean Ride are committed to continuing the development of their coaching staff and, as a Centre of Excellence, look forward to hosting ICG® open-access training sessions 4 times per year. 

If you’re wondering what a beautifully appointed, well-cared-for studio, with an array of different indoor cycling experiences looks like, I’m sure that the team at Withdean would welcome your visit. Indoor cycling has changed forever and it’s no longer just that one class style that exists in most people’s mind (the one you attended way back when or maybe saw on tv). Maybe now, we have something for you. Maybe it’s time to visit again and see what we do. 

ICG® will be hosting its annual Club Ride event at Withdean Ride on the 10th August 2019. If you can’t wait that long to see what we do, then keep an eye out for our Club Ride calendar coming soon or join us at Evolution Ride UK on the 19th January 2019 for an unforgettable indoor cycling experience.

We look forward to riding with you soon.

Team ICG
ICG Centre of Excellence
Withdean Sports Complex


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